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Los adolescentes tienen el doble de probabilidad de no ir a la escuela que los niños en edad escolar primaria, dicen UNESCO y UNICEF

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Los adolescentes tienen el doble de probabilidad de no ir a la escuela que los niños en edad escolar primaria,

Un nuevo informe revela por qué “seguir con las estrategias habituales” no contribuirá a la educación primaria o secundaria universal
Alrededor de 63 millones de adolescentes de 12 a 15 años no ejercen su derecho a una educación, según un nuevo informe c

Ubiquity University Reinvents Competency-Based Higher Education

This article was taken from:http://www.prweb.com/releases/2014/12/prweb12369734.htmUbiquity University Reinvents Competency-Based Higher EducationUbiquity Raises $2.3 Million to Launch Cutting-Edge Competency-Based Social Learning Platform in May 2015 to Help Students Get the Next Generation Skills Needed to Survive and Thrive in Today's Hyper-Complex World.San Francisco, CA (PRWEB) January 09, 2015
Ubiquity University announced today that it has raised $2.3 Million and will launch a cutting-edge competency-based social learning platform in May 2015 that will enable a “whole new kind of education for a whole new kind of world.” Instantly global and radically affordable with a transformative online learning experience and partners across five continents, Ubiquity will be providing the education that employers and students say is needed for our rapidly-changing hyper­-complex world. "The critical need now is not for industrial workers but for creative leaders able to think outs…

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Enseñar a pensar, nuevo currículum: Project Zero - Explorador de innovación educativa - Fundación Telefónica

2015 Predictions for Education / Competence Based Education

Looking for information about the curriculum and trends, got an article Dian Schaffhauser (01/07/2015), who considers the following: Online learning will grow this year, but only modestly; more colleges and universities will test out competency-based assessment; and education technology will continue expanding as an industry, driven by investment capital. Those are three of the predictions for the coming year from higher education research and advisory firm Eduventures.

In the same way, Michael Horn wrote and published (1/08/2015) 5 Predictions For Education In 2015, which are very interesting. According to him this new year and with it, hopes for new developments in education. And the first one is:

1. Competency-based learning gains steam

Fueled by interest from hundreds of higher education institutions and the Department of Education, competency-based learning will gain steam. Coupled with online learning, as my colleague Michelle Weise has written, it will constitute a disruptive f…